2017 Changes to rules are highlighted in red.


1) All standard kit parts must be used and the boat constructed as per the instructions provided by Model Slipway.

2) Motor, rudder, shaft, propeller and coupling supplied with the kit must be used. It is not permitted to use 'hot' motors, modify the motor provided in any way or use different propellers. Only the following modifications shall be allowed. 

       a) Cells may be placed on the hull floor in any configuration in order to improve centre of gravity. 

       b) Transom and hull sides may be sharpened by adding filler and sanding down to aid stability.

       c) Sanding down the bottom of the hull to ensure it is straight may be done and filler used if necessary to even out bumps.


3) Either a micro-switch or electronic peed controller (ESC) for throttle control.

4) Any Nickel metal Hydride 6 cell (7.2volt) battery pack may be used. Any type of battery connector may be used.

5) Buoyancy aids such as foam may be used inside the boat and/or cabin roof and are in fact advised.

5a) Batteries must be charged outside the boat for safety reasons, no hard wiring is permitted.

6) No additional modifications may be made below the waterline.

7) A Velcro strip can be attached to the flat section of the cabin side for a race number plate or a plastic nut and bolt if preferred.

8) A self adhesive foam strip of at least 3mm thick must be attached to the bow of the boat.

9) Boats may be scrutinized at any time by the Fast Electric Captain to ensure adherence to the above rules.


1) Race duration will be 5 minutes plus a maximum of 60 seconds to complete your last lap.

2) The course will be anti-clockwise round a 30 metre triangle, starting from the landing stage and finishing at a point on the pit straight to be determined by the race controller.

3) A maximum of 8 boats per heat.

4) 3 heats on each race day will be held with competitor's best 2 scores to count towards their final position. Points will be awarded as follows: 1st place 9, 2nd place 6, 3rd place 4, 4th place 3,, 5th place 2 and all others will receive 1 point. Points will be added together towards the championship with each competitor's worst score being dropped. In the event of a tie at the end of the season, the competitor with the higher 'earlier' scores will be declared the winner. (The same rule will apply for any race day)

5) Races will be started with a 10 second warning. The race will commence at any time within that 10 seconds by a shout of "GO". Boats will race to the top buoy and then in an anticlockwise direction. At the 5 minute point "RACE OVER, FINISH YOUR LAP" will be shouted and competitors then have a maximum of 60 seconds to complete their last lap.

6) Pit positions at the start will be strictly numerical according to boat number and will be alternated for each heat. (eg. boat no1 will be on far right for one heat then far left for next etc) There will be a minimum of 1 metre between each competitor.

7) A 5 second penalty will be awarded for each of the first 2 buoys missed. Any further buoys missed will result in a 1 lap penalty deduction.

8) If a boat stops on the water the driver must shout "DEAD BOAT" followed by it's position (eg on the pit straight, close to top buoy, etc.) If a boat is in danger of sinking the driver must inform race control and the race will be stopped to retrieve the boat. The race will restart immediately after safe retrieval. Any driver hitting a boat which has been called as 'dead' will be immediately disqualified from that heat and must bring their boat off the water.

In any dispute, the Fast Electric Captain's decision is final.