Ian Phillips deputised for Simon Booth at this meeting.



Received from Simon Booth and Rob Daniel.


The minutes of the July meeting were read and agreed as a true record of proceedings.


Ian Phillips said that more pegs had been used to fasten the grass netting down.


The Treasurer reported that membership stood at 164 full members with 35 juniors and 66% living within the East Yorkshire boundaries. Income had been £1035 from memberships, catering, NADS entries and website sales/donations. Expenses were £457 from Opus (electric), fuel, catering and site maintenance leaving the club in a healthy state.


The Events officer said that the 2 Club Sundays in July were both good events but the one on 31st had been poorly attended. This month sees our annual Open Weekend on 6/7th with setting up on Friday 5th, any help would be appreciated from around lunchtime. The East Riding Steam and Vintage Fair at Driffield Showground is on 13/14th and Ian Phillips has all the forms and wristbands for those attending. The IPMS booking form for their show in September has been sent off and 10 passes have been ordered which should be with Ian Phillips soon.


Ian Phillips said that the failed sewage pump had been repaired by Jeffersonís and did not show any signs of blockage with paper/baby wipes or other foreign bodies. The pump mechanism had jammed and once freed off everything worked fine as did the recently purchased electric pump which was used to fill the tank to test the pump.

Anthony Smith put forward a proposal on behalf of members and prospective members with model trucks that a track be built on the spare land at the back of the trees. This had already been discussed in committee and given outline approval but Anthony wished to put it before a meeting and other club members. The development will be funded, completed and maintained by the model truck owners and all income from the track will go directly into club funds. The Chairman said that first and foremost he would like to see plans and also an application in writing setting out how it will be built, funded and maintained and also that truck owners must become members of BMBS to be covered by our insurance and adhere to our rules.

Ray Metcalfe pointed out that there will be 3 separate disciplines using that area, namely trucks, off road buggies and quadcopters so it might be necessary to agree some usage rota and also bear in mind the safety aspects necessary when flying. The Chairman said that he was sure we could agree and work together to make this a successful venture and further develop the club.

Tony Gates, on behalf of prospective members said that there would also be 2 model quarries for members with dumper trucks and excavators plus buildings could be added at a later stage and also a rock crawling track as well, The whole development will be planned and carried out at no expense to the club. He also said that there was no model truck facility at all in this locality so we would pull in members from throughout the East Riding and Hull.

Tony and Anthony will mark out the planned area and an aerial photo will be taken and submitted to the committee for final approval.

The Chairman thanked Anthony and Tony for giving their time to come and put the proposal to members.

John Foster had been in touch with Jez Taylor (tree surgeon) to find out why he hadnít been in contact and this was because he had been in hospital.




Alf Lee Simon Booth

(Chairman) (Secretary)