March 2005

Improving the lakeside banks

The lake was constructed in January 1988, soon after it was filled with water it became necessary to line the sloping bank sides with rocks to prevent erosion. In the early years we could only fill the lake when rainwater was running in the nearby dyke, this led to great fluctuations in the water level in the lake so the rocks on the bank sides had to cover quite a width to allow for this. This was effective in preventing erosion but the rocks were always very unfriendly towards boats and made access to the waters edge difficult. We solved the fluctuating water level problem by having a borehole installed, but the rocks still remained both below and at water level.  Much thought has been expended over the years in finding a viable and affordable alternative, an idea was suggested whereby we would remove the protruding layer of rocks, lay tyres at water level and backfill them with tarmac planings, last year we did a trial section of bank which proved successful in being boat friendly and providing much better access to the waters edge.
Following this successful trial we have now embarked on creating this type of bank all the way round the lake, it is a big job for club volunteers but a good start was made during this March 2005 weekend.


An excavator was hired to remove both the submerged rocks and those from the waters edge, this would allow the placement of tyres
without reducing the area of the lake.


John shifts a few rocks.

Alf completes the trial bank section that was
 done last year.


Anthony drove the excavator.


 George and Arthur start a new section of bank.

Loading the tarmac planings


"Robbo" moves a few tyres.


Arthur's grass skirt.








 The ladies get stuck in.

 Mike does some wheel barrowing.

 One bankside completed

 The tyres were backfilled with tarmac planings.

R. Daniel 2005