Children from Chernobyl visit to Carnaby Lake 

A group of 23 children who live in the region near the Chernobyl nuclear disaster have been brought over to England by the
 Friends of Chernobyl Children Charity, they stay with families in the Driffield area for a month. 
BMBS was proud to be able to offer the Children a morning at Carnaby Lake, the children were able to sail
both club and members boats and watch powerboat demos.

July 2006


The Children enjoyed plenty of goes with the club boats.






Waiting patiently for their turn.


Some children also had a go with club member's boats.


Cakes and orange juice were well received.




Checking out the models.


A powerboat demo was thoroughly enjoyed.
 The two young ladies are the interpreters who accompany the children on their visits.


At the end of their visit the children sang several songs for us.