NAVIGA FSR-V (Multi) World Championships 2008. Italy.


Your BMBS Power Captain recently competed at the multi WC's in Italy with  3.5cc and  7.5cc boats. The 3.5cc did not do so well suffering engine problems, but reasonable success was achieved with the 7.5cc. As you can see from the summary of all the 20 minute heats Robert qualified for the 12 boat final in 3rd place less than 4 seconds behind the 2nd qualifier from a total of 63 starters.

In the 12 boat 30 minute final a 5th position was achieved less than 1 second behind the 4th placed boat, the 4th place was lost following a determined overtake by a French competitor on the very last lap. Congratulations to Frederick Cederberg from Sweden who top qualified in the heats and then led the final from start to finish. A deserved champion.