Working Saturday 5th June 2004

The endless number of jobs that need doing to develop and maintain the site would cost a fortune if we 
always paid someone to do them for us, it only because some members are willing to give their time to do
 these things that the site is as good as it is and the membership fees can be kept so low.


    Arthur Pickering and John Gilson fill in the old waste tank,
    this is no longer required following the installation of our
    pumped sewerage system.


A good number of members turned up to help, perhaps
 there will be some new faces next working day.

Bob Fowler does a good job painting the bench seats near
 the harbour, these are enjoyed by many scale members.


Martin Ranson and George Roberts get stuck
 into making a new set of steps.




The trailer for the mobile display pool looks impressive with its new labelling.