On payment of subscription fees to the treasurer, I agree to abide by the following.

  1. To act in a safe, courteous and responsible manner in the use of the Society’s site and facilities and in all society related activities.
  2. That the use of the site is at my own risk, and that neither the Society or it’s trustees accept any liability whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury howsoever arising from such use, by me, my guests, accompanied juniors or invitees.
  3. To immediately make a detailed report of any incident, damage, loss or injury at the site either in the incident book held in the clubhouse, or by letter, and inform the Honorary Secretary of such report without delay.
  4. That if any instance of my conduct, which has, or is likely to cause damage, loss or injury or otherwise bring the Society into disrepute comes to the attention of the committee, this will be investigated and if found to be justified my membership may be suspended in accordance with the constitution.
  5. No member shall be permitted to bring firearms or weapons of any description onto the site AT ANY TIME and we reserve the right to remove membership from anyone found to contravene this rule.
  6. The committee will inform at the Annual General Meeting of all reported incidents together with the action they have taken.
  7. To also abide by the following general rules :-

v     Accompanied Juniors: Juniors are the responsibility of the adult member to whom they are related and must be accompanied at all times while on site by that member in the interests of safety and child protection.

v     Dogs: All dogs brought onto the club site must be kept on a lead at all times. Any mess must be cleaned up and removed by the owner.

v     Club Equipment: This is provided for the benefit of members and should only be used for the purpose intended.

v     Sailing Frequencies: Each member must provide a frequency peg bearing their full name if using 27 or 40MHz frequencies. (2.4GHz users are exempt from this rule) This peg must be displayed on the frequency board before the transmitter is switched on and removed as soon as the transmitter is switched off. Only one peg per member at any one time may be used. If a member wishes to use a frequency that is already in use, the present user of that frequency must allow the new user to sail after 30 minutes. To continue sailing, each member must alternate in 30 minute periods. This rule applies over all disciplines and all days except when an organised event is in progress.

v     Allocated Days: Tuesdays are designated as “scale and yachts only”. Wednesdays are designated as “Power and competition Fast Electrics only”. (Club 500 boats are not classed as competition Fast Electrics and as such are included as scale boats.) However, any discipline may sail on either of these days if the water is unoccupied but must give way to the appropriate discipline if necessary.

v     General Sailing: I/C powerboats and competition Fast Electric powerboats sail on the hour and all other craft (eg. scale and yachts) sail on the half hour at all times other than on designated days and club events. Powerboats and Fast Electrics must not sail unless it is safe to do so. I/C powerboats must be silenced to MPBA standards.  All types of powered craft must give way to sail at all times. 

v     Rescue Boat and Chest Waders: Lifejackets must be worn when using either the rescue boat or waders. No more than 2 persons may use the rescue boat at any one time. Junior members must not use the rescue boat unless accompanied by a responsible adult.

v     Membership Cards: Please wear your membership lanyard displaying your up to date membership card when on site.


8. If you intend to fly a drone on the club’s premises you must ensure you have the necessary Operator’s Licence and Flyer’s Licence and adhere to the rules as defined within the CAA (Air Navigation Order 2016 (ANO) and subsequent guidelines from the CAA. (Full details and registration procedure can be found on the website


Please abide by these few rules to help make your club a safe and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. Failure to abide by the above rules may result in loss of membership.


Data Protection. (Legal Requirement) 2019

By Subscribing to be a member or (associate, temporary or honourary member) of BMBS.

 I agree that my details name and other (not limited to) address, telephone, e-mail. etc. Details may be recorded by the Officers of the Club. For the day to day operation of the Club.  To convey instructions or notices of the club affecting such membership or other information those officers seem fit.

This information will not be directly passed to other parties without the express permission of that member.

Officers are advised when sending e-mails or to groups of e-mails ( i.e. all members) they do so using the (Blind carbon copy ) BCC:  Function or Button in their e-mail client/program

This Rule may well be adopted into the constitution at a later date.