Another cold day but it was pleasing to see more members both old and new down at the lake enjoying themselves. 6 brave pairs entered the competition and everyone realised how important it was to have a good navigator and also have a good understanding of the difference between left and right! There was plenty of time for free sailing as usual with yachts, scale and fast electrics sharing the lake all day as well as the competition in full swing. This is some of the fun............

Arthur sets the course out Dave says he wants more space between buoys
Tony Friston's Topaz steams into harbour Dave Neesom's springer 'BUZZY BEE' pushes 3 barges
Dave concentrates hard on accurate navigation, Ray Marsh steers Quayside (in)activity
Ray teaches his grand daughter the finer points of Club 500 racing Jammy checks to see if he remembered to put a motor in his springer
Paul steers, Alf navigates, Dave judges Arthur and Tony discuss frequencies
Arthur concentrates on steering with Alf navigating Past and Present - 2 Yorkshire Belles from different eras
Champions Ray Marsh (skipper) and Dave Markham (navigator) with Chairman Alf Lee