tugs and towing
(Plus a little pushing!)

"Lady Moira" built by Arthur Pickering under the technical guidance of Alf Lee who served on the tug for many years as skipper.
This is a completely scratch built model and is not available as a kit.

Fine detail in the wheelhouse makes for a great model.

Something a little different is this pusher tug with 3 barges built by Geoff Figgett. Geoff is well known in the club for his large scale models and you will see more of these later..

Ray Marsh (left) and Dave Markham (right) prepare for their first 'tow'.

Bryan Smith's Smit takes the bow but who is skippering the stern tug I wonder? Answers on a postcard please!.

Arthur Pickering's Happy Hunter.

Another of Arthur's tugs, 'Flying Tempest' in Carnaby Docks. As you will have no doubt gathered by now, Arthur is a prolific builder.

Pusher tug by Trevor Inglis Snr.