How to set up a one metre

The one metre yacht control system simply described for the beginner

The One Metre Yacht is one of the easier yachts to both build, control and sail.  Simplicity, combined with excellent performance is the key to its enormous success as a class yacht throughout the world.

The yacht only uses a two channel radio control system, one to operate the rudder, the other to control the sails.  The rudder channel actuates a servo to which is attached a push-rod, which is then attached to a linkage on the rudder itself.  This enables it to be moved through 120 (giving 60 movement each side of centre).

The other channel operates the sails, with both the jib and the main sail lines being attached to the line on the drum on the top of the sail winch.    

Reproduced by kind permission of Lee Valley MYC

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