So, you've decided to have a go at racing Club 500's, well maybe you could be interested in a few tips before you get down to the lake and start here goes.

First of all, get to know your boat and how it handles. Run it round the lake and see how it corners because these boats can be a little temperamental at times. On occasions you will find that the prop 'torque' makes the boat lean over to the right and when you try to turn a corner the boat just slows down and goes in a straight line! Simple answer.........throttle off and then on again and you will be able to turn. Next time try not to be so hard on the rudder. Get used to steering round the buoys, races can be won and lost because you take the last buoy too tight and miss it. These boats won't go round right angled corners, they must be steered gently round each buoy and the more you practice before you race, the better you will be.

Remember to steer the shortest course between buoys. You will see boats going in all sorts of strange directions during a race and the more distance you cover in a lap means the slower your time will be. Each time you get round a buoy, look for the next one, check that the course is clear and if not, make a note of any dead boats in your way, (that way you won't get any nasty surprises) then aim straight for the next buoy.....................yes in a straight line, then get in position to go round the buoy as you approach it.

Be aware of what other boats are doing during the race. Don't make the mistake of keeping your eyes glued on your boat all the time, keep looking ahead, check your course is clear.

Beware of the start, especially at the first buoy. You will usually find that everyone will go hell for leather to the first buoy and that's where accidents happen more often than anywhere else. Give yourself a little more space, don't crowd the boat next to you and don't follow another boat right behind it. If that boat suddenly stops, you will hit it and most likely your race will be over.

So, in a few words the best advice is..................practice, keep calm, beware of the first buoy, watch ahead of your boat, steer a straight course and above all have fun! (That's what this is all about)