work and pleasure boats

Pleasure first of all (naturally) and here we have two versions of Yorkshire Belle, the only surviving pleasure steamer still working out of  Bridlington. Many of you who have visited Bridlington as children or adults will surely have been out for a trip 'round the bay' on board this classic boat and these models will no doubt evoke some happy memories. (Unless you were seasick of course!)

(Left) 'Belle' as she appeared after her launch in 1947 and throughout the 1950's and (right) after major modifications in 2004. Both models were completely scratch built,  the 1950's version by Arthur Pickering and the 2004 version by David Markham. Arthur used a 'bread and butter' construction method for the hull and David's is plank on frame.

An evocative photo of Dave Markham's 'Belle' docking as the sun goes down, minus passengers after a busy day spent taking trips round Bridlington Bay.......or should that be Carnaby Lake?

This is 'Yorkshireman' and some bright spark will no doubt say that she is a tug! Well, yes she is/was a tug, but in this incarnation from around 1948 to 1965 she also worked every summer as another of Bridlington's fleet of pleasure steamers and that's why she is included here. (More memories?) This model is owned by Mike Holland and was scratch built by Arthur Pickering. 

Now to one of Paul Cropp's excellent models, 'Zoe J' a dive tender, scratch built onto a moulded trawler hull.

More memories of the Bridlington area with this first class scratch built model by Brian Wakefield 'Tillie Morrison 2 Sheffield' which was launched in 1947 and stationed in Bridlington until 1952. Following a capsize and the loss of one crewman she was refurbished and then stationed at Llandudno from 1953. She was sold to service in Australia where she saved lives for a few years and now still in Australia, enjoys taking tourists for trips in her retirement. One interesting fact about this particular model is that the cabin is made from papier maché.

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